domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

Gregorio Uribe, Big Band Latino en VIVO Junio 20th

on stage iiilg

Gregorio Uribe se vienen en Un Día Sin Fronteras el 20 de junio! Uribe es un colombiano que ha encontrado el sueño americano en este país.

Gregorio Uribe Caribe Contigo la reform migratoria el abogado tim paynter

guitar iii
Después de estudiar en Berkley, Uribe experimentado con sonidos folclóricos mezclado con jazz moderno. El resultado es una banda que eleva Uribe llama a la "Big Band Latino".   Uribe tiene un éxito con "Caribe contigo"y otras canciones populares.

la cachaca

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viernes, 3 de junio de 2011



CHRIS ROMER y James Mejia

Venir con nosotros el Lunes a el medio dia!








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chris romer




james mejia


Después de la ley SB 1070 fue escrito,un pequeño grupo de gente se fue a la mansión de la Gobernadora Jan Brewer, de celebrar una vigilia frente a su puerta.

Pronto fue un gran grupo de personas.Los activistas de la comunidad decidió celebrar la vigilia en el capitolio de Arizona para no molestar los vecinos. Gente de todas partes de la comunidad vino a rezar,a cantar y se apoyan mutuamente. Dos de esas personas fueron Deandra Gamez y Tomás Karmelo.

Durante su estancia en la capital, Deandra y Tomás escribió una canción juntos llamada "La Calma", que dio a la gente en Arizona y en todo el pais el coraje de para luchar contra esta ley feo.

Hoy tenemos Deandra Gamez en nuestro programa.  Ella nos contará la historiade la vigilia en la capital y nos dan actualizaciones en Arizona!

También tenemos el candidato para la alcaldía de Denver, Chris Romer y uno de sus principales partidarios, James Mejía. Por favor, escuchen a Chris como élnos dice cómo va a trabajar para la comunidad inmigrante. Guardar tus preguntas, ahora es un buen momento para preguntar!  Ud. si puede hacer un diferencia








1150 AM




jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

NJ Dream Act Manifestación Standing Up For A Dream!

This article originally appeared as New Jersey Manifestation Exposing For Dream! in Technorati by Tim Paynter

Something big is happening this weekend for youth of undocumented immigrants.  You don’t have be undocumented or an immigrant to get in on it!  But if you are a member of either group, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

basic flyer

Originally, the Standing Up For A Dream Rally, or “manifestation” as it is referred to in Spanish, was designed to support the New Jersey Dream Act, a bill that would allow undocumented youth a chance at college and a way out of poverty.  It models the New York Dream Act, and a little bit of the Illinois Dream Act, which would allow youths to obtain a driver’s license, hence more motorists on the road would have insurance and be identifiable during police stops.  The youths would also be able to access basic health care rather than depend upon expensive emergency room trips and there would be some access to student aid.

However, with the new Dream Act being introduced into the US Senate and supported by a variety of senators including Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo) and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill), the New Jersey event is becoming to place to be if you are fighting for basic civil rights this week end.  If from out of state you can voice your views for a national law. 

action dream team


If you are from the New Jersey area, why not join the local crew of the Action Dream Team (ADT) who are working hard at getting a law passed pending passage of federal legislation.

The rally will be held on the front steps of the New Jersey State House on Sunday, June 5th, from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m.  The address is 125 West State Street, Trenton, NJ, 08608

Diane Camacho
, Luisa Martinez-Rojas, Dreamagent La are some of the leaders of this event.  You can contact them or the Action Dream Team who will get you to the place you need to go.  There is a listing of the event on Facebook. 

It would be a mistake to assume this is only for children.  We must, as a community under attack, be prepared to accept people of other races, and people who are older than the average Dream student.  It is this mutual and massive participation which will make this event a huge success.

After the Dream Act was killed by conservative Republicans during the lame duck session of 2010, Dream students have been resurrecting, preplanning, and working on getting this critical law done in another way.  Taking it local is one of those ways.

Passage of the act would provide undocumented youth who were brought here by their parents when they were often too young to form memories a chance to grow.  Now they are college age, the door to a better life is shut to these youths, even though some of them are brilliant and could make great contributions to our society. 

The benefits to the average student are excellent. Dream Students will increase tuition fee revenue as the State starts to cut back it’s budget. Some schools may remain open which would have otherwise closed.  If closed, that prevents US citizen children as well as youth of undocumented immigrants from accessing higher education.  The increased fees will help keep doors open for all people. 


Then, there is the increased tax base, as immigrants begin to earn better wages and pay a healthy share of the tax burden.  An inclusive society is a wealthy society!  Clearly, it is in the benefit of all citizens to support the passage of this critical legislation.

“Be part of history” they say.  Rallies like this one are the kind of thing that can help jump start the national effort to pass Dream.  Don’t miss it if you want to help write the next chapters for immigration reform!


Sunday, June 5 · 12:00pm - 3:00pm


New Jersey Statehouse, Trenton, NJ

125 West State St.

Trenton, New Jersey 08608


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martes, 31 de mayo de 2011

Valenzuela Brothers Stand Up, Speak Out~


It was a great day in Denver on Memorial Day!  That is when the Valenzuela Brothers stood up and fought back!

They were told they could not bring their banner protesting the deportation of veterans!  At the end of the parade, they displayed the banner just as the flag was going up! 


All things pass for a reason.  If the Labor Day Parade folks had remained silent on the issue, the Brothers could never have made the dramatic statement they did!

You can read the whole story below!

Article originally published as Breaking-Brothers-show-what-Viet Nam Vets Are Made Of In Denver!



Two brothers who are Viet Nam Veterans showed Denver what military resourcefulness is about during the Memorial Day Parade today. The Brothers, facing deportation, were special guests of the celebration. But at the last minute, they were told their fight to remain in the US would have to remain the secret of those in-the-know. The Brothers could not carry their banner protesting the deportation of approximately 3,000 veterans, a fate each brother could face shortly.

Manuel and Valente Valenzuela were brought to the US by their US citizen mother after their birth in Mexico. Both youths consider themselves US citizens. When the war broke out in Viet Nam, both enlisted. Each served on active duty in theater, and each Brother defended this country and his life, in armed combat. Upon return stateside, Manuel suffered the disgrace of having human waste thrown upon him by Americans angry over the war. Post traumatic stress disorder is common with men trained to kill, and the brothers soon fell victim once again.

Roughly two years ago, nearly 40 years after returning from Viet Nam, each brother received a removal notice. The Brothers, inseparable, didn't want to tell each other about the notices, choosing to anguish in secret. One of the Brothers nearly took his own life rather than face being parted from his sibling.

Manuel and Valente Valenzuela Speak out on 1150 am radio,

With the truth out, the Brothers learned they are not the only US veterans who are the victims of an aggressive deportation program by the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division (ICE). Likely, thousands of veterans have been deported despite promises by the military their service would make them citizens.

For some time, ICE has touted it's "criminal alien removal program" and the use of Secure Communities, a marriage of ICE records with local police computer data banks. What they have not said is it only takes three misdemeanors over a lifetime to be considered a "dangerous criminal". That could be three public intoxication charges thirty years ago. No provision exists for "dangerous criminals" who have been trouble free for decades, or for veterans.

Recent studies show about 28% of the immigrants deported recently have never committed a crime, and many have only minor violations against them, often decades in the past. Only 23% of those deported have serious criminal histories. In fact, since ICE uses arrest records rather than conviction records, some who come into the ICE cross hairs were never convicted of the crimes ICE brags about attacking. Recently, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn pulled out of the Secure Communities program because of massive abuse. Unfortunately, some of those apprehended by ICE are US veterans who put their lives on the line for our country.


The Valenzuela Brothers seek to shed light on ICE's ugly secret foisted upon unwitting soldiers. Yet, telling the secret has been unpopular, including at the Denver Memorial Day celebration. However, the Valenzuela Brothers were not to be silenced today. Although a parade representative took the Brother's banner away from them prior to the march, the Brothers were able to retrieve the banner at the end of the march. That is when the crowd had turned it's back to the review stand. Everyone was waiting for the American flag to be raised in a commons area.

When eyes thousands of people turned back to the review stand, they found the Valenzuela Brothers in the middle of the street, banner unfurled.

"Stop the deportation of military veterans" it said. "Bring Deported Veterans Home!"

Valente Valenzuela spoke to a hushed crowed stunned into silence.

"I fought for this flag" he said with tears in his eyes, "and now I am fighting for my life!"

The words were spoken in a slightly raised voice, even though the brass in the review stand needed microphones. You could hear a pencil drop, the quiet was so intense.

Speaking of pencils, a responsible president or legislature could have saved the Valenzuela Brothers a wheel barrow of anguish with a stroke of the pen but have refused. How many more parades does it take for Americans to demand justice for those who protect her?

Manuel Guerro Casas Seeks a Chance At Military Service

The Dream Act, introduced by Sen. Dick Durbin (D- Ill), and supported by Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), cries for bi-partisan support. It would allow youth of undocumented immigrants to serve in the military or go to college. Some would eventually be able to apply as permanent residents after meeting strict requirements. While passage of the Act will not help the Valenzuela Brothers because it is age limited, for starters, it might provide guidance to horribly misguided government officials when immigrant youth put their lives on the line for our country.

As for the Valenzuela Brothers, their fate remains in the hands of our government officials. That is, unless a silent America takes up the battle cry for justice for veterans

Read more:


We are looking for justice in America!  Please sign our email list, and become part of the movement!  We are also seeking volunteers who can help deliver an honest message for those who don’t have a clue.  Why remain silent?  Now is the time to act!


Close Private Prisons



Private Prisons


Please Sign






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Gerardo Noriega and Officer Good Day!

May 30th, 2011




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Dream Student


Gerardo Noriega




Hollywood Star



Good Day!

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Senator Michael Bennet, Gaby Pacheco, se hablan de Dream ACT



Un entravista




Sen. Michael Bennet




Gaby Pacheco, de Trail Of Dreams


Dream Act


Por favor


Hablanos en Cabina


Estamos en


1150 AM Radio Denver, CO.



Únase a nosotros el lunes para una entrevista con el senador Michael Bennet y Gaby Pacheco que caminaron 1,500 millas en el camino de las lágrimas de la Ley del Sueño! 1150 AM o por radio en internet, por favor presione el recuadro "On Air" botón. Llámenos con sus preguntas y puntos de vista! 303.337.1150 La entrevista con Sen. Bennet probablemente esta pre-grabado, depende en su calendario.

12:00 a el medio dia!

12:00 Noon!

Join us Monday for an interview with Senator Michael Bennet and Gaby Pacheco who walked 1500 miles on the trail of tears for the Dream Act! 1150 AM radio or by internet radio, please hit the sidebar "On Air" button. Call us with your questions and points of view! 303.337.1150 The Michael Bennet interview will likely be pre-recorded depending upon his schedule.